Discover the Full Potential of Your Land

Selling Directly to Self-Builders

Unlock planning on difficult sites

Getting planning is usually the biggest hurdle for any project. Using self-build in the planning argument can often tip a decision, or overturn a previous refusal, and we are experts in this process.

Greater Financial Rewards

By promoting your land for self-build, you'll benefit from higher land value when compared with selling to a developer. Self-build projects are highly sought-after, attracting premium buyers. The Livedin model cuts out developers allowing you to sell your land to end users and get your full fair share of the value.

Leave a Lasting, Positive Legacy

Self builders tend to be more engaged with their surroundings, more committed to sustainability, and more invested in creating homes that reflect their values. By promoting self build, we are also promoting a better way of living.

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Press and Awards

"How to build your own home, the easy way"

"How an architect is rethinking custom-build"

"This place is flippin' brilliant" - Kevin Mcloud, Dursely Treehouse

"This model has got to be the way forward for our housing market" - Richard Bacon MP

"This route to home ownership offers choice and flexibility."

Recent Projects


12 Self Build Houses in Norfolk

The Old Bakehouse

2 Self-Build Houses In Randwick, Stroud


3 Self-Builds In Far Oakridge, Stroud

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How it works


LIVEDIN applies for planning permission on your land at their own cost.
Sell Individual Plots

If planning permission is granted, LIVEDIN markets the land as individual plots to self-builders
All Costs Covered

LIVEDIN takes care of all the costs and risks associated with delivering the project, including designing the site layout and houses, conducting surveys, preparing the planning application, handling community consultation, and installing infrastructure.
Success fee only after plots sold and costs covered

In return for their services, LIVEDIN takes a share of the sale receipts of the plots sold with planning permission.

Development Without Developers

Why Develop as Self Build?

When considering the advantages of self-build developments, both "hard" and "soft" benefits come into play, offering a range of financial, practical, and community-focused incentives that make this approach an attractive option for landowners, communities, and homeowners alike

Hard Benefits

Greater Share of Profits
Landowners maximize their financial returns through self-build developments as they sell the land at a retail price to end users rather than a wholesale price to a developer.
Planning Advantages
There are considerable planning advantages for choosing self-build rather than conventional housing. This occurs because of the Right to Build Act, and it can often make the difference between permission and refusal on more marginal sites.
Stamp Duty and CIL Tax Savings
Self-build projects are eligible for tax exemptions on Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and significant savings on stamp duty as the purchaser is only buying the land and not a house. This results in significant cost savings for all parties involved.

Soft Benefits

Better Houses
Self-build homes offer senesitive design and high quality, as homeowners put love, care and attention into every detail.
Stronger Communities
Self-build developments cultivate vibrant, cohesive communities, as residents invest not only in their homes but also in the relationships with their neighbours and the surrounding area.
Better for the planet
Embracing self-build projects promotes sustainable construction practices and encourages the use of eco-friendly materials, resulting in homes that have a smaller environmental footprint.

Designed by award winning architects

All our projects are designed by RIBA award winning architects.

Why choose us for your project?

20 Years Experience in Self-Build

We have been working in the self build industry for over two decades, and have helped countless landowners and self builders achieve their dreams. We know the ins and outs of the process, and can guide you every step of the way.
Straightforward and Transparent

At LIVEDIN, we pride ourselves on our dedication to trust and transparency. By maintaining open communication and providing clear guidance, we aim to build lasting relationships based on mutual trust and a shared commitment to exceptional results.
We get planning where others have failed

We use our specialised self-build planning expertise, and a data-driven approach to significantly enhance the likelihood of obtaining planning permissions for self-build projects, even for challenging sites where others might have failed.
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Our Team

Our founders all come from a background in architecture. LIVEDIN was born from a deep frustration in the current way the UK does housing and a belief that it can be done better.

Tomas Millar

Tomas has spent 20 years in the self build industry helping landowners get planning on difficult sites and self builders to build their dream home. He is also a technology and data geek - building tools and software to give greater transpaency and inights into the industry.

Tom Howard

Tom loves designing and making. He has been an architect for nearly two decades, has worked and studied around the world, has completed an ambitious self-build for his own family, and is passionate about making it possible for others to do the same. He has also been a regular contributor to the Right to Build Task Force Masterclasses.

Milo Mason

Milo qualified as a photographer before going on to work in architecture as a designer and project manager. He is a passionate self-builder / maker, recently completing his own self-build for his family.

Charlie de Bono

Charlie is an architect, convinced of the benefits of great design. He has been a scholar with the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, caring deeply for our historic building and landscape. He is also an active participant of our trade body NACSBA, helping with innovative policy.

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